PERFORMER Laurie O'Brien
DEBUT 1984

Baby Piggy is a character on Muppet Babies, a baby version of Miss Piggy.

Baby Piggy has a bad temper, and often flies off the handle. She frequently fends off the unwanted affection of Baby Gonzo, while expressing interest in Baby Kermit.

She also frequently engages in a rivalry with Baby Skeeter, the only other girl in the nursery. Sometimes she will carry her doll with her that is simply known as Dolly.

Baby Piggy frequently longs to be a movie star in Hollywood when she grows up; it was even the main plot of an entire episode.

Like the adult Miss Piggy, she often refers to herself as "moi," and when excited she usually says "Yippee-skippee!"

Baby Piggy, along with Kermit and Gonzo, made a special appearance in Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.

Relationships with other characters


Baby Kermit: Piggy is in love with Kermit and will express this in a number of ways, one of them being try to make him into the hero (although she usually ends up fighting the monster or saving herself).

Baby Gonzo: Baby Gonzo's crush on Baby Piggy is often a recurring theme in episodes and source for comedy. Gonzo will try to impress Piggy (but usually fails) by doing something heroic and often when he thinks he has been successful, he will close his eyes and stick out his lips, but this almost always results in Piggy squeezing his nose.

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